Brocade Cinnabar Red Prism FX Glitter on Black - Gel Nail Wrap Set

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SKU: HG029
Finish/Texture: Gel
Number of wraps per set: 20

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The set comes with 20 nail wraps, enough for one full manicure!

New nail design - Brocade Gel Nail Wraps!

Features unique color change flecks that fascinate the eye when viewing from various angles. Bright color that doesn’t fade after curing with LED lamp. Apply and remove same as standard gel nail wraps.


  • Semi-cured gel nail wraps
  • LED UV Light REQUIRED to cure the gel wrap after application
  • Cured gel wraps have a hard glossy finish
  • Non-toxic, made of 100% gel nail polish
  • Fit to your nail size, and trim and file off the excess
  • Easy to follow instruction sheet included for perfect nails
  • Finish off your nails with a gel topcoat , for best results
  • Shop our LED UV Gel Lamp Light, portable and easy to use