Pink Little Piglets - Nail Wrap Set

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SKU: HN519
Finish/Texture: Smooth
Number of wraps per set: 16

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Embrace your inner farm girl with Pink Little Piglets Nail Wraps! These stylish swine provide your digits with the perfect mix of chic and cheek, making your manicure 'oink'-tastic! Plus, with the adorable little piglets, you won't have to squeal over lack of style. Get wrap-happy with these pink piglets and make your mani go hog wild!

The set comes with 16 nail wraps, enough for one full manicure!


  • Feel so smooth!
  • Non-toxic, made of 100% nail polish
  • Fit to your nail size, and file off the excess
  • Easy to follow instruction sheet included for perfect nails
  • Finish off your nails with a topcoat, for best results.